Surpac Tips – Designing ramps with varying slope angle and berm width


While designing the Pit, design engineers may sometimes need to vary the slope angle & berm width at different points, in consideration of the slope-stability parameters of the pit wall rock.

To manage these variations in slope angle & berm width, GEOVIA Surpac has the capability to design a pit from the value stored into the D-field of pit design string file. This method obtains the slope angle from the D1 field and the berm width from the D2 field of each point in the segment.


In the example below, the images show the pit bottom boundary with varying slope angle (in decimal degrees) & berm width stored in D1 & D2 field respectively:





To start the pit design, first go to Design > Pit design > Select slope method and select “descriptions” as Design slope angle method:




To define ramp properties, go to Design > Pit design > New ramp; then select the ramp starting points:






Next to expand the bench, go to Design > Expand segment > By bench height, and select the pit bottom segment; then go to Design > Pit design > Display slope angle:





It will generate the ramp as well with specified ramp properties.

Now to expand the pit further with berm width, go to Design > Expand segment > By berm width and select Berm width method as “descriptions”; then go to Design > Pit design > Display berm width:





The same D-field value will be copied further and maintain the varying slope angle and berm width as more benches are expanded.

To check the varying slope angle through the surface color banding; open the designed pit DTM file into graphics and go to Display > Surface or solid with color banding as shown below:






Suvradip Datta

Suvradip Datta, Industry Process Consultant - Mining, GEOVIA, Dassault Systèmes India Pvt. Ltd. Suvradip is a Mining Engineer with over 11 years experience in mine planning, consulting and operations. Suvradip started his career with Hindustan Zinc Limited in Planning & Operations before joining Dassault Systèmes. In his current role at Dassault Systèmes, Suvradip provides consulting, implementation and product training to GEOVIA users across Asia. He specializes in GEOVIA Surpac, MineSched and Whittle.