GEOVIA throws a one-two punch with the release of Surpac 2019 and MineSched 2019


Today, Dassault Systèmes introduces new releases of GEOVIA flagship solutions: Surpac 2019 and MineSched 2019.


Surpac 2019

Surpac 2019 – already supporting open pit and underground operations and exploration projects of all types – gets optional stope optimization capabilities and a better user experience through improved collaboration and data management. MineSched 2019 now enables short-term planners at sub-level caving operations to produce integrated long-term and short-term development schedules that align with their production schedules to meet capacity and material quality targets.

“We are seeing an increase in the number of underground mines in planning stage or in operations. Our customers across the globe have been asking us for stope optimization capabilities integrated directly in GEOVIA Surpac, their go-to geology and mine planning solution. We’ve listened and today we are delivering natively in Surpac 2019, the industry proven stope optimization technology from Alford Mining Systems. Using Surpac 2019, underground mining engineers can generate optimum stope shapes for a range of underground mining methods and produce stope inventories from a block model.” says Raoul Jacquand, GEOVIA CEO.

To facilitate design and increase efficiency, Surpac 2019 includes collaboration and data management enhancements through the integration between Surpac and Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Data management is now more efficient, configurable and and able to be performed from within Surpac itself, removing the need to login to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform separately.

Surpac 2019 supports the OMF (open mining format) file format, a new standard for the mining industry to exchange mining data between mining software applications. Dassault Systèmes becomes one of the first companies to adopt these guidelines, thereby displaying its commitment to openness and interoperability, and demonstrating its leadership in the industry.


MineSched 2019

MineSched 2019 now enables short-term planners at sub-level caving operations to produce integrated long-term and short-term development schedules that align with their production plans. It adds the ability to import rings in the SDM format, either from Surpac or GEMS. Using the imported ring designs, planners and schedulers can create their tactical schedule with the ring attributes included in the SDM file, rather than requiring the block model. This eliminates the need to recalculate the attributes when creating locations smaller than a block and produces more accurate schedules.



Stope Optimization – Free Surpac Webinar: Extract more value from your ore body using stope optimization

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Solution Availability

Surpac 2019 and MineSched  2019 are available to upgrade at no cost to GEOVIA maintained customers covered under the Dassault Systèmes Support & Maintenance agreement. The latest version of GEOVIA solutions can be downloaded from 3DS Support.

Contact your local Dassault Systèmes office to arrange a trial or email should you have any further questions.



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