Self Service Analytics


The 3DEXPERIENCE GEOVIA Mining Intelligence suite can be used to perform Self-Service Analytics.

Creating reports can be daunting for the average mining professional and require advanced skill sets or the assistance of expensive IT resources. For this reason, 3DEXPERIENCE GEOVIA Mining Intelligence has a simplified Self-Service Analytics function available for typical users.

Mining Intelligence extends the promise and collaborative power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, by allowing users to reveal, measure and analyze mining data to more deeply understand and improve mining operations.

Mining data from source systems such as Fleet Management Systems, Plant Historians and even excel sheets can be connected with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enabling advanced analytics. This allows the mine to expose and connect material flow and key performance indicators.

Using proprietary 3DEXPERIENCE platform technology, the data is processed and stored in fast index files to maximize performance and from there can be used to supply data to “Self-Service Analytics” and other Mining Intelligence tools.




The indexed data is in a simplified form compared to the original system database, so users can easily drag and drop the fields into their chart sources to create impressive visual analytics.


Analytics Builder

To create a chart, Analytics Builder is available as an Information Intelligence application on the eastern quadrant of the 3DEXPERIENCE Compass for users possessing the Business Analytics Manager role.




Dragging this icon onto a blank 3DDashboard creates the Analytics Builder widget application.

You will be presented with the option of Editing an existing chart, or “Create chart from source” using “CloudView”




Select “CloudView” and you will be presented with a screen where you can choose different Measures and Dimensions.




Drop down the “Document” menu and you can choose from different pre-prepared datasets available for analysis.




After selecting the Document, the Measures and Dimensions menu below will populate.

Choose a Measure (augrade and volume in the example) and a Dimension (gi_bm_level_material in the example)





You will see the example chart on the right populate.

The chart can be configured using the toolbar in the properties menu.



Going to the Display button allows formatting of advanced options such as Titles and Axis.





Once the chart meets your requirements you can save by clicking the Save icon in the top right.


Now the chart is available for use by Analytics Reader.


Analytics Reader

To add the chart to a Dashboard, drag the Analytics Reader application onto a blank dashboard.



The available charts will be shown in the Widget.




Select the Chart you just built and it will show full screen.




You can then create more charts until you have an attractive interactive Dashboard.

There are many benefits to using Mining Intelligence Self-Service Analytics including:


• Very fast access to data.

• Perform ad-hoc analysis quickly and easily

• Create visual charts in a central location

• Share information across the operation


GEOVIA Mining Intelligence Self Service Analytics requires the Business Analytics Manager and Business Analytics User functions on the on-premise 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

To learn more about Mining Intelligence please contact your local GEOVIA representative.




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