Process flow to help optimize results in MineSched

Discover a process flow to generate results with a higher degree of accuracy, particularly for Process Plants / Mills.


As a tactical mine planner an important part of the role is to continuously improve/reduce the variance between what has been forecast and what has been achieved, actual. While there are many potential parameters which can impact this variation, this post will focus on one, specifically, processing through-puts by rock type.


1. Process Mass Factor

The process mass factor (pmf) represents the mill/crusher variable input rate. This attribute is based on feed rates by material type.

The pmf is calculated by dividing the designed mill rate (by rock hardness/type) by the other rock type throughputs. For example:

  • Designed (Boilerplate) process rate for the mill is 650t/hr
  • Throughput for oxide is 650t/hr
  • Throughput for Transition is 715t/hr
  • Throughput for Primary is 575t/hr



2. MineSched – Setup Model

The pmf is imported to MineSched as a quality attribute weighted by mass and reported as an aggregate.




3. Process Rates

The PMF parameter can now be used as the Mill units.

MineSched will now pull material based on its through-put rate and therefore work at different rates depending on the material.




4. Resource Capacity

Resource capacity is set to MASS




5. Reporting

All reporting is also done in MASS.

The image below is a validation report showing the final results in MineSched. The final column shows the MASS added to the process on a daily time horizon.





Michael O'Connor

Michael O'Connor

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