Plotting grid points with grid lines offset


Proper representation of a surveyed area within a sheet that contains all the necessary information remains of paramount importance for Surveyors. Hence the act of taking the plot of actual data is a significant requirement.

Occasionally, surveyors may need to take the plot of a grid point RL value, of a surveyed area, with X-Y grid lines over grid points to check the profile undulation against RL variation.

Surpac has the capability to take such a plot, containing all the required information, into the sheet through a File-based plotting method.

In this example, I illustrate how to take a plot with the grid line offset using the Surpac file-based plotting method.  To achieve this, you first need to create an entity related to which information you would like to display within the plot file.

In the image below, i have two string files with grid points and a separate boundary line separately. I would like to plot the grid points with symbol & RL value with the boundary line.



To display the RL value & symbol against each of the grid points, create an entity using Plotting > Entity > New and go to point properties as per the respective images below:




Create another entity displaying the boundary line as shown in the next image:



After obtaining the entity, go to Plotting > Map > New; browse respective string files against each entity:



Then go to Plotting > Process > Map, and select the Map from the drop-down list.

Choose sheet size, scale, grid properties (in this example grid spacing is 15×15), etc. as per your own requirements.




It will generate a DWF file and open the DWF file into Surpac Plotting window:



As you can see, the grid lines don’t currently reside over the grid points, but as i want actual grid lines over my grid point; I need to apply some grid offset for X & Y grid lines.

Go to Plotting > Plotting sheet setup window; a new plotting window will appear. Go to Grids > Select and chose Grid ID, Border ID & Draw Area ID, you have selected earlier:




As per the initial plot file, it seems that we need to shift the X & Y grid line by offset amount 5 & 10 respectively. Go to Grids > Properties as per the image below, and then go to Grids > Save:




If you would like to change the colour of the grid points & boundary line, go to Plotting > Map > Edit:


Now to re-plot, again go to Plotting > Process > Map:




You will get another DWF plot file and open the DWF file into Surpac Plotting window. You will get X & Y grid lines now residing over grid points.





Suvradip Datta

Suvradip Datta, Industry Process Consultant - Mining, GEOVIA, Dassault Systèmes India Pvt. Ltd. Suvradip is a Mining Engineer with over 11 years experience in mine planning, consulting and operations. Suvradip started his career with Hindustan Zinc Limited in Planning & Operations before joining Dassault Systèmes. In his current role at Dassault Systèmes, Suvradip provides consulting, implementation and product training to GEOVIA users across Asia. He specializes in GEOVIA Surpac, MineSched and Whittle.