Planning Exploration Drill Holes with Surpac

Discover how to use Surpac’s scripting capabilities to build a tool which:


1. Allows the user to graphically select the collar and target position and manipulate the coordinates

2. Reports the setup parameters including Azimuth, Dip, and length

3. Visualize the planned hole’s trace and over-drill with unique symbols for the collar and toe

4. Manipulate the planned hole by changing the Azimuth, Dip and Length

5. Target geological shapes as DTM surfaces and solids

6. Combine multiple planned holes in a campaign and save the entire campaign

7. Recall a saved planning campaign, add, delete, and change individual holes

8. Simulate hole deviation by transforming the dip and azimuth parameters along the hole’s length




Video prepared by Trevor Lukaniuk.






Trevor Lukaniuk

Trevor Lukaniuk

Trevor is a Senior Mining Engineer at Dassault Systèmes, based in Vancouver Canada.