New Surpac feature – Quick Constraints

Check out the new Quick Constraints function in Surpac 2019 which makes constraints easier and faster while being able to inspect the data on graphics.


In this article we focus on how to constrain a block model below a topographic surface (Note that SDM surface cannot currently be accessed using the normal graphical constraint form and this method is the only way to do SDM surface constraint at the moment).

The Quick Constraint function requires that your block model and the constraint you want to use are both displayed on graphics.

The simple process is shown below:


1. Open and display the Block Model and DTM/SDM surface on graphics as normal






2. Change the selection mode.

In this article we are interested at the surface so we choose “Select Segment/Trisolation” but the other options will be useful depending on the type of constraint you want to us



3. Left-click anywhere on the surface to select and then right-click to invoke the menu options.

Expand on the “Quick Constraints” and left-click on “Below Surface” since this is a topographic surface.




4. The Constrained block model is now shown on graphics for you to visualize and inspect. At this point you now have the option to hide the surface layer to see only the block model.




5. If you would like to re-use this constraint in the future you can save it by going to BLOCK MODEL > CONSTRAINTS > SAVE CURRENT VIEW AS A GRAPHICAL CONSTRAINT




NOTE: This feature currently does not have the option to include blocks that are partially within the constraint.



Marck Maramat

Technical Customer Support Consultant – Mining | Marck is a Mining Engineer with more than 5 years of experience in Mining. He spent most of his practical time in underground mining for copper and gold and is highly experienced in short term planning. Marck has been working as a customer support consultant since joining GEOVIA in 2017, leveraging his mining knowledge while helping improve user experience for GEOVIA software products. Based in Perth, Australia, Marck specializes in Surpac and Minesched.