Minex Tips & Tricks – Plotting Plan and Section in a Single Page


When preparing an exploration report, we highly recommend plotting and displaying any 3D models you want to illustrate in the report within the plan and section view on a single window in GEOVIA Minex. Utilizing this method helps both validate the model and cross check its accuracy. The resulting 3D Geological model also allows your Management team to quickly and easily understand the disposition nature of the stratified deposit and to utilize it for further exploration planning or mine design.

The process for creating the plan and section together in GEOVIA Minex is explained below.



Normally, people place the plan plot at the top along with the section lines and the corresponding sections below to that plan. Also they can put some reference text of this plot. In that case, first one needs to plan the plotting.

Let us first plan for the plan plot. For that we need to follow the same process of mount creation for plan plot. This only requires positioning the plan plot on the page.



Step 1: Select the plan plot:

Here the co-ordinate area selection is similar to the general mount area creation along with the plotting scale. In sheet parameter tab, you need to adjust the base margin and right margin as per your requirement. Here we are keeping both the base margin and the right margin for plotting the section at the base of the plan plot and to put some reference text at the right side of the page.


Step 2: Select the section plot:

Here one can set the same page and plot scale as the plan plot or that can be made different if required. In that case, scale need to be plotted against each plan and section plot. While creating sections, one should be careful about the of set of X and Y as that will play the vital role in positioning the section under plan.



More than one section can be plotted as per your requirements and accordingly the section mount definition need to be created.


Step 3: Move all the plots in one page:
Once all the plans and section mount areas are created, plot the plans and sections in individual graphics windows. After plotting in runtime tab, the plot details will appear like this:




And in the graphics area, at the toolbar, all the plot windows will be available.




To move all the plots into a single graphics window, say, PLANA, go to runtime tab, right click on SECTA and SECTB and select the option “Move to Graphics Window” and select the option PLANA.




Now all the plans and sections will appear in a single page. Additionally, if anyone like to add some comment or note on this, that also can be done. So the final plot will appear like this:



So now, one can quickly cross check the model with the section output and confirm the validity of the 3D model as per the Geological interpretation of the deposit.



Nandini Mitra

Nandini Mitra

Mining Knowledge Consultant, GEOVIA at Dassault Systèmes
Nandini is a geologist with more than 10 years of experience in Mining and Engineering Geology. Previously a GEOVIA software user for more than 8 years, Nandini is highly experienced in the preparation of exploration reports for coal and iron ore. Her key areas of expertise are GEOVIA Minex and Surpac. Based in Kolkata, India, Nandini also holds a Masters in Applied Geology.