Merging DTMs in Surpac

We’ve received a recent question from one of our Surpac users about combining DTMs, and I thought I would share this on the blog. The specific query was:

I have 2 DTMs that I want to combine, one represents the surface up to the crest of a pit and the other the floor. When combined, they will represent a pit design with the surface extending away from the pit. 

Also, is there a Z factor or vertical exaggeration tool that can be applied temporarily to DTMs?

The answer is, you can use the Lower triangles of 2 DTMs command to create this effect.

From the Surfaces menu, select Clip or intersect DTMs > Lower triangles of 2 DTMs

Before the command is applied:

After the command is applied:

The result is saved to a layer so you just need to save to a file before resetting graphics otherwise you will lose it.

In regards to vertical exaggeration, there are a couple of ways to do it, one of them being the scale and transparency toolbar.

Once enabled, you can just use the slider to exaggerate scale as below.


We hope this quick tip was helpful to you! Please don’t hesitate to email me or if you have any quick support queries.

Ash Colton

Ash Colton

Mining Knowledge Consultant, GEOVIA at Dassault Systèmes
Ash Colton is a qualified Mining and Engineering Surveyor with over 14 years' experience. Ash has worked on a number of mine sites (open cut and underground) and specializes in GEOVIA Surpac, MineSched and Macros. Ash is based in Perth, Australia.