India mining agency releases new guidelines

Exploring rare minerals and developing new alloys is the drive of the Indian Mines Ministry’s newly released guidelines that aim to promote research in the industry, according to a published report.

The agency of the government of India also is aiming to supply grant funding to various schools to perform research, The Economic Times reports. This was part of what the ministry released.

“The Standing Scientific Advisory Group (SSAG) would provide the final sanction and approval of the recommended research projects … and provide guidance for scaling up significant leads generated through research projects supported by the Ministry,” the document states, according to the news source.

Chaired by the secretary of mines, the SSAG is a committee that aids with the protocols and logistics regarding research in mines.

The newly released rules are doing their part to widen the scope of the industry and create additional opportunity, some of which may be reaped by mining consultants, the news source reports.

The guidelines “provide renewed scientific impetus to address the emerging mining challenges, broaden the participation of stakeholders, introduce the concept of cost-sharing and make the research in Mines more productive, with an emphasis on outputs and outcomes.”

There also is an economic drive of the new standards.

The guidelines seek “to develop new/improve existing technology to improve the diversity of the local economy, utilisation of local resources and to upgrade the skills of miners in the country.”

Aiding with prospecting and the exploration for strategic, rare and rare earth minerals all are efforts that the guidelines seek to improve.

The new standards also drive toward influencing new technology that will aid with the exploration of minerals while mining on land and in the deep sea in order to find new mineral resources.

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