How to display and view data in plan and cross section view in Surpac


As a Geologist updating an interpretation on a section, it is useful to see where the active plane is located in the graphics window.

This assists with spatial visualization and 3D referencing of the viewing plane.





Here are the steps to view the data in the viewing plane:

1. Open the files in graphics along with the drillhole database.




2. If the plane group of sections has not been previously created, create them now.




3. For help regarding planes, refer to the Planes folder under Surpac concepts in the help window.





For advanced cross-sectional viewing, help is available on page 57 of the Geological Database tutorial. (Located in SSI_TUTORIALS:Geological_database folder)




4. Right click in the Graphics window, Viewport > Split vertically or horizontally.





5. Click in the left viewport to make it active.

6. Go to Planes > 3D work area.









7. To adjust the colour or transparency of the window go to Customise > Default preferences > Graphics colours > Plane > Transparency.




8.  Click in the right hand viewport to make it active, then double click on the section number.






9. Click on the 2D/3D Grid

10. Click on the draw triangles as polylines to complete




11. If you would like to test this process, the data (shown above) can be found in the introduction folder installed as part of Surpac. Scroll in Surpac’s navigator until you find SSI_TUTORIALS and then set your work directory to the “introduction” folder. The files you need are ore1.dtm and Surpac.ddb










Kim Ferguson-Thomas

Kim Ferguson-Thomas

Technical Customer Support Consultant, GEOVIA at Dassault Systèmes
Kim Ferguson-Thomas has more than 20 years’ experience as a geologist in the mining industry, working in exploration, underground and open-cut mines within Australia.