How to Download GEOVIA Applications

We are pleased to announce that GEOVIA applications may now be downloaded through a dedicated download service from the 3DS Support website. To access this service, you will need to be a GEOVIA customer under Maintenance and Support.

Here are the steps to download a GEOVIA software release

1. Sign In to If you do not have a login account, contact your site administrator or call your local Dassault Systèmes Support Office. You can also email



2. Once you are logged to the support website, select DOWNLOAD


3. On the Software Download website, select Access Your Download.

4. You will be presented with following menus: Download My Supported Software, Download My Orders and the entire 3DS portfolio. Select ‘Download My Supported Software’, than select ‘GEOVIA’ and the product that you wish to download.

Please note that:

  • Supported software download, selected by default, is used to retrieve and download all deliverables available through your support access. Orders download is used to retrieve all the orders with delivery via download created using the media order.
  • The Platforms, Brands and portfolios that you do not have access to, are not accessible and greyed-out
  • The Switch button allows you to switch to another site, if you have multiple sites assigned to your 3DS Passport.

5. Upon selecting the portfolio, you will be able to select Release and Level. Click on the icon to start downloading the files.

6. Unzip the file and browse through the unzipped content, select setup.exe to start installation process. Please note that with large installs eg. Surpac, you will see more than one download file that needs to be downloaded and unzipped to a single folder. In this case, copy zip files to a new folder and extract them by selecting Extract Here, the new folder ‘AM_GEOVIA_Surpac.AllOS ‘ will be created.


7. You will be able to browse through unzipped content in the ‘AM_GEOVIA_Surpac.AllOS ‘ folder and select Setup.exe to start the installation process.


If you require further assistance on how to access downloads, please contact your local Dassault Systèmes office or by emailing

Here are the steps to obtain a License

1. On the license request form, select dongle number and click Using the internet.

2. You will be redirected to the geoviasupport website where you will use your DS Passport credentials to login.


3. You will receive an LICZ file by email. The LICZ contains your license file, and a PDF listing your license configuration. You will need to extract the license from the file and save it to your hard drive. The .LICZ file can be opened and extracted with Winzip or renamed to .ZIP and extracted with any archiving tool


Should you have any questions about your GEOVIA software download, or would like assistance, please contact your local Dassault Systèmes office.

Damian Baranowski

Damian Baranowski

Damian Baranowski is the Technical Customer Support Manager, GEOVIA at Dassault Systèmes. With a Master of Science in Mining Engineering, Damian has over 10 years of experience in mine planning and geology modeling across many commodities throughout Europe, Middle East, North America, Asia and Australia. He is based in Brisbane, Australia.
Damian Baranowski

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