GEOVIA Surpac Webinar

Speeding up Stope Processing in Surpac.



Webinar: CMS Survey pick-up and union – a need for speed!

We recently held the second Webinar in the GEOVIA Innovation 2019 Webinar Series – the recording of the Webinar is available to watch now.


Webinar Highlights

Stitching together multiple stopes is usually done manually and can be a very slow process. Surpac 2019 introduces a new Macro for solids conditioning that will give you back hours of processing per stope!

In this webinar we demonstrate:

  • An easier way to process CMS Cavity Monitoring Surveys in Surpac
  • How the use of mesh tools can eliminate the need for slicing CMS’s
  • How multiple CMS’s can be merged easily to create a final void solid
  • How the conditioning of CMS’s allows ease of editing on the final shape




Presenter: Ash Colton

Ash Colton is a qualified Mining and Engineering Surveyor with over 14 years’ experience. Ash has worked on a number of mine sites (open cut and underground) and specializes in GEOVIA Surpac, MineSched and Macros. Ash is based in Perth, Australia.




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