Extract More Value out of the Surpac Webinar Series

Did you know that GEOVIA presented multiple Surpac webinars over the year? These webinars empower users to use existing functionality to its full potential by providing faster, better workflows, skills and examples, as well as answering audience questions.

Learn from our Centre of Excellence Surpac experts through the webinar recordings available below, equipping you to be the best Surpac user possible.





Surpac Webinar

Extract more value from underground ore bodies using Stope Optimization

Stope Optimization is a solution that provides underground engineers the ability to automate the stope design process and evaluate multiple project scenarios. Through Stope Optimization, customers can rapidly generate and review results based on a variety of economic parameters and practical mining constraints to maximize the value of the resource recovery.





Surpac Webinar

CMS Survey Pick-up and Union

Stitching together multiple stopes is usually done manually and can be a very slow process. This webinar introduces a new Macro for solids conditioning that will give you back hours of processing per stope!





Surpac Webinar

Improving mine safety and avoiding unanticipated costs with structural geology

Improve mine safety and avoid unanticipated costs by leveraging Structural Geology with Surpac, which provides the geotechnical team with real-time access to current geology and current production data.




Surpac Webinar

Open Pit Grade Boundary Analysis using Stope Shape Optimizer

While stope optimizer has been used primarily in underground environments, in this webinar we show how it can also be used for open pit mines.






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