Electrification of Mining: De-Risking Electrification with Virtual Twin Technology

Innovation is about invention and doing things differently, and that’s risky. New electrified mining equipment and technologies are being developed. Companies up and down the value chain are creating new business models, value metrics, contracts, and financing schemes to capture the true value of renewable energy electrification and the true cost of carbon. But there are many unknowns. So much is being done for the first time.

In our Virtual Twin Maturity Model article series, we discussed how to accelerate innovation with virtual twin simulation by testing new ideas before building them. This data-driven technology also reduces risk by informing decision-makers better and faster.

One of the ways as an industry we’re going to rapidly innovate, and I think we do need to rapidly innovate, is not only through consortiums and through collaboration, is by de-risking.


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Michelle ASH

Michelle ASH

Michelle Ash, CEO of GEOVIA at Dassault Systèmes, has made significant contributions to the mining sector with a focus on Innovation Strategy, Technology and Digital Transformation.

Highly passionate about Mining and the Natural Resources industry, Michelle remains focused on helping mining to evolve through digital transformation and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, to help deliver sustainable solutions to the sector.

Michelle is also the Chair of the Global Mining Guidelines Group - GMG and has contributed to develop best practices and guidelines for the implementation of technology and socially enabled changes in the Mining industry.

Previously she was Chief Innovation Officer at Barrick where she oversaw the company’s Innovation program, looking both at how innovation can drive productivity in the existing business as well as how it can be harnessed to deliver alternative business models.

She began her career as a blasting engineer with Rio Tinto.

Michelle was named to the 2016 list of “100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining” by Women in Mining UK.