Discover Surpac 2020 with new DSLS licensing

GEOVIA are proud to introduce the Surpac 2020.1 Release, complete with the new DSLS Licensing System.



Surpac 2020.1 provides the ability to take network licenses offline with a “soft lock” system that does not require a physical dongle/sentinel, which means that our new users can be up and running quicker with no need to wait for dongle shipment and no downtime to current users due to lost or damaged sentinels. This release also brings improvements to the GEOVIA Mine Contributor, GEOVIA Surveyor, GEOVIA Stope Optimizer and GEOVIA Mine Designer Roles.


Highlights of this release include:



The brand new licensing system now available to Surpac allows a greater flexibility for network licenses users.

  • Take licenses offline for up to 30 days (check in / check out).
  • Decrease risk of loss of network licenses using Failover Server Clusters.
  • No need of physical dongles.


*DSLS is available with the newly released Surpac Role.

**DSLS is currently available for New Surpac or MineSched Licenses or for Surpac or MineSched Licenses that migrate to Roles.

For more information on how to access DSLS and migrate to Roles, please contact your local GEOVIA representative.




DSLS – New Licensing System for Surpac 2020.1



GEOVIA Mine Contributor Role

GEOVIA Mine Contributor brings improvements to Lexicographic mesh function and introduces the ability to classify point clouds.


GEOVIA Surveyor Role

GEOVIA Surveyor can now work with LandXML files, the standard used by most Leica survey instruments.


GEOVIA Stope Optimizer Role

GEOVIA Stope Optimizer has improved functionality and introduces the new Tube Gradient change section and the ability to convert SDM files into a MineSched compatible format.


GEOVIA Mine Designer Role

GEOVIA Mine Designer has improved performance for sorting of SDM based on metadata.



For more information, read the What’s New in GEOVIA Surpac 2020.1 datasheet or download the Release Notes document for a full list of work completed in Surpac 2020.1.


Solution Availability

Surpac 2020.1 is available to upgrade at no cost to GEOVIA maintained customers covered under the Dassault Systèmes Support & Maintenance agreement. The latest version of GEOVIA solutions can be downloaded from 3DS Support.


Contact your local Dassault Systèmes office to arrange a trial or email should you have any further questions.






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