Discover GEOVIA Surpac 2020


GEOVIA Surpac 2020 enhances the stope optimization capability by adding the ability to generate multiple stope optimization scenarios allowing for rapid What-If analysis; point cloud capabilities improved through new workflow processes with the addition of time saving features; SDM files use of metadata enhanced providing users with the ability to reclassify and colour data based on different criteria and much more.



GEOVIA Stope Optimizer generates optimum stope designs for a range of underground mining methods and produces stope inventories from a block model that spatially represents the location of the mineralization. Surpac 2020 see’s additional functionality added to Stope Optimizer with a focus on improving the users ability to run What-If Analysis.



The stop slicing capability of the stop design tools in Surpac 2020 brings improvements to slicing multiple solids, use of SDM 2.0 to have typed attributes and export of attributes such as density.



With the new point cloud capabilities in Surpac 2020 you can work with only the point cloud data you need through the use of point cloud classifications. Quickly generate solids without unwanted noise such as equipment or vegetation through the use of lexicographic meshing.



This release allows users to sort SDM files by metadata, reclassify and colour data based on different criteria, adding great flexibility.



Additional enhancements or defect fixes that improve work performance include:

• Improvements to 3DPDF support.

• DGN plugin support.

• AutoCAD 2018 support.

• Extended Vulcan block models with nulls in numeric attributes now correctly displayed.

• ODBC performance fix for SQL.

• acQuire upgrade and connection issues resolved.

• New fonts supported for UI font editor.

• Save file was not retaining active file name.

• Create DTM with boundary has been fixed.


For more information, read the What’s New in GEOVIA Surpac 2020 datasheet or download the Release Notes document for a full list of work completed in Surpac 2020.






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