Checking linear clearance around existing and planned drillholes in Surpac


For roles such as an Underground Geologist, Underground Planning Engineer or an Underground Surveyor, it is necessary to be able to view planned underground workings with existing drill holes and to view planned drill holes with existing workings.

This capability helps ensure the safety of both underground miners and workers on the surface who are operating within the area of influence from the dangers associated around drillholes in the areas of influence.

Typical dangers could include:

  • Inrush of water down the drill holes into the underground workings
  • Drilling into active drives where boggers and jumbos are working
  • Air blast up the drill holes during underground firings, or
  • Air blast down the drill holes during open pit firings


To view workings subject to exiting and planned drillholes:

1. Open up the drillhole database and display the drillholes.

2. Open up the design solids.



3. Select Solids>meshing tools>linear clearance analysis




4. The maximum clearance, will be the radius around the drill holes that will be checked. A report file of the holes within this radius will be produced.





This information can then be used with planes for plotting plans for the underground crew.




Kim Ferguson-Thomas

Kim Ferguson-Thomas

Technical Customer Support Consultant, GEOVIA at Dassault Systèmes
Kim Ferguson-Thomas has more than 20 years’ experience as a geologist in the mining industry, working in exploration, underground and open-cut mines within Australia.