Automated Grade Control System using Surpac




Grade Control plays an essential role in the efficiency of running a mine. It requires the delivery of tonnes at an optimum grade to the mill, via the accurate definition of ore and waste. Learn more about Automated Grade Control System using GEOVIA Surpac. 





The factors that play a role in the efficiency of running a mine are many, however, with a good analysis of the geology and a correct sampling procedure, the grade control can be performed at an optimal level. Once this is achieved (which is an essential prerequisite), the problem is to adequately define what is ore and what is waste. This is where GEOVIA Surpac Grade Control is able to apply geostatistical techniques to accurately define these limits in a geological zone, thus allowing optimal use of the available information. It essentially comprises of data collection, integration and interpretation, local resource estimation, ore polygon design, and supervision of mining stockpile management.


Benefits of Better Grade Control

  • Minimized dilution and maximized ore extraction
  • Improved reconciliation between predicted and actual production
  • Establishment of consistency of procedures and continuity of knowledge
  • Increased collaboration between geology, planning and production
  • Automation results in significant time savings


We can help you replace a homegrown system, set up a new area of the operation, or assist when you are about to start mining. Whatever your needs, we have the expertise and experience necessary to ensure you are applying best practice grade control methodology appropriate to your circumstances.



We can assist with:

  • Standardizing and streamlining your grade control data and workflows and reporting
  • Documenting procedures, responsibilities, data locations and naming conventions
  • Automating your grade control workflows, including updating old Surpac macros
  • Training your staff on grade control procedures






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