Computer Security Day: 4 Cybersecurity Tips

With increasing amounts of data being stored on the cloud and on-premise, online security has never been more important – particularly in light of recent cyber threats. According to EY’s latest report, 86% of organizations surveyed said their cybersecurity function did not meet their needs and 57% admitted they had a recent significant cybersecurity incident.

In celebration of Computer Security Day today, we’ve rounded up a few tips on working securely.

Backup your data

Businesses should regularly backup their computer data, from word documents and excel spreadsheets through to databases, financial or human resources information. According to the FCC, your IT department should implement automatic data backups, or at least weekly, with copies stored in the cloud or offsite.

Be aware of suspicious attachments

If you believe you’ve received a suspicious email attachment, do not click on it, especially if the URL of the website seems strange. Try Cisco’s Phishing Quiz to test how well you can spot a dodgy website.

Have a disaster recovery plan

The EY report reveals 42% of organisations do not have an agreed communications strategy in place in the event of a significant attack, which is concerning. Mining companies can address this risk by performing a risk assessment of their cyber presence and understand which workflows must be maintained to ensure the business continues running, despite a cyber attack.

For our customers using GEOVIA InSite, we recommend their IT departments or database administrators to maintain their database server with periodic SQL Management maintenance routines. They are also responsible for organizing a disaster recovery and redundancy plan to generate daily backups of their database so that data can be recovered in case of an emergency.

Please note that as InSite is a web-based application, the security to access the system data depends on the user’s credentials. As part of the InSite implementation a network group is created and windows authentication account set up to secure users’ login to access the data.

The network is usually administrated by our clients’ IT department, who is responsible for implementing and applying internal firewalls,  port procedures and rules to secure their servers (Application and Database) against any malicious codes or viruses (outside of their network).

Create strong passwords

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t use the same password for every account, and that you should create a strong password that’s difficult for hackers to guess. Check out last year’s worst passwords list.

GlobalSign, an identity services company, even encourages password training for employees to ensure that they do not write passwords down, share passwords online, or re-use passwords across company applications.

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