Tonronto based Hot Pop Factory invented the world’s first 3D printed wooden Jewelry. The “Boreal” collection, (named after the northern forest) uses recycled cherrywood filaments mixed with a binding polymer in place of the powdered nylon usually used in 3D printing process. Company founders Matt Compeau and Bi-Ying Miao even noticed that while printed, the wood powder emanates a “slightest scent of charred wood”.


We want to make into 3D Printed wearable ART

“For us, process is at the heart of it all.” Compeau and Miao explained. “The idea of Iteration has been instilled in our brains since first year architecture school. With Hot Pop Factory, we are applying the same philosophies to a smaller scale – jewelry. For all the ideas that were too complex, expensive, impractical or just too wild to construct into buildings, we want to make into 3D Printed wearable ART. Each piece is created with computational design tools we use to design buildings, and fabricated with a Makerbot Replicator. Several prototypes of each piece were made before the designs were finalized.”


Made of cherrywood filaments, each piece is truly unique

The Boreal necklaces in sale on the company website feature a corrugated slab of 3D printed cherrywood hook on gold-filled or sterling silver chains. Each item is truly unique by its design and is available from $75.


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