This ingenious hanger helps to save closet space

Clothes Hanger1

Closet Space Saver

Specialist inspired by practical common sense and observation, the designer Ivan Zhang noticed that people often superimposed clothes on each other over a same hanger. This happens because we are more and more limited with storage space and urban habitations generally propose super tiny closets when you are actually lucky to have some… The look of this clothes hanger is as surprising as innovative and its design saves some closet space.

Clothes Hanger2

The strange  design allows the user to utilize a one clothes hanger for two pieces of cloth without having to remove the outer garment to remove the one which is inside. Named Hanger’s, this creation uses the same amount of material as a regular clothe hanger,but is elastic, and divided into several sections. Stretch it and it morphs … the video below gives a better idea of ​​the ingenious mechanism!

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