Dive into the most interesting topics in the sphere of Wearable Technologies

Tuesday July 24, the WT conference II 2012 will take place in Fort Mason, San Francisco. Decision makers of all sizes of companies, researchers, students, artists, retailers, component suppliers and media/press representatives will talk about the latest and the future in the sphere of Wearable Technologies.

Some highlights of the conference

Some highlights of the conference include the amazing kickstarter project Pebble presented by Eric Migicovsky, who already draw a lot of media’s attention. In the innovative technologies session, Brooks Kincaid from Imprint Energy will present his innovative Zinc PolyT batteries for printable, flexible and rechargeable batteries.

Registration starts at 8:15 AM

Conference begins at 9:00 AM

Get together starts at around 6:00 PM

For more information, click here!

Updated August 17th: To read the conference recap you can visit:

Wearable Technology Conference Recap

Via: WearableTechnologies

Photo and agenda courtesy of Wearable-Technologies.com.

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