I am not the kind of person who will buy a bag on-line. When I shop on-line, I generally buy services. For example I buy my on-line flight tickets, I book my hotel, I order my kitchen trash… but for apparel, shoes, bags, it is a different story.
The reason is simple: when I buy a bag for example, I want to touch it, I want to check its size, and see how it fits on me. Checking those elements on-line is not that easy with only one picture.
But if I hear about a new way of looking at the bag, the story is completely different.
EspaceMax is a French luxury goods and fashion e-shopping store. They have been using 3D and virtual technologies to bring their handbags to “life”on-line.
Indeed with what I saw there, I can now virtually interact with the handbag before purchasing it on-line, as I would interact with it in real life.

I can virtually open the bag, look how many pockets are available, if it has a zip or not, if it has a space to put my mobile phone in. I can also put usual (virtual) objects in it: for example I can see if a bottle of water fits in it. And the best: I can see the bag’s look and feel on a virtual mannequin as if it was me!

Check it yourself and watch the video!

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