As part of the incubation programs driven by the FashionLab, we cover topics related to Luxury Stores, in order to complete and then implement in the future, the Industry Solution Experience “My Store”.

Beyond  existing solutions such as “My Store” (cf video below) and Virtual Merchandising, we look closely at the experiences of Virtual Luxury Store. Unlike the retail approach, where multiple products must be available and stocked with an objective of maximizing space, placement and settings, the FashionLab is working on a luxury-oriented approach with specific luxury approach, as limited series and exclusive products, and high prices. That is why the product’s enhancement takes an essential role.

FashionLab’s approach will be to combine these Luxury’s rules to improve layouts in the stores. In this context, the environment – materials, furniture, lights, and other elements that will contribute to the product enhancement, sometimes becomes more important than the product itself. These are some of the parameters that are studied at the FashionLab and that will be revealed in the near future.

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