Canadian designer Angela Mackey and Kate Hartman from the Social Body Lab have paired to design a beautiful wearable light for cyclists.


Play with Light patterns and ride you bike safely

The programmable device called Vega Edge is made with Arduino, hackable thanks to its open source code, and can be reprogrammed with any flashing or behavior pattern. The LEDs embedded in the brooch run on a 2032 coin cell for about 20 hours of continual use.


Clip it anywhere

The Vega Edge is easy to use and versatile. Made with laser-cut leather, it comes in two coulors (brown or black) and two different shapes, a trapezoidal and rectangular design. It clips securely to any clothes or piece of fabric using four strong magnets. The device also features a thin strip of retro-reflective fabric integrated into the design to add visibility.

The Vega was a successful Kickstarter project. It is now available for sale for an indicative price of $55CAD ($50 USD) .



vega shapes

Angella Mackey is a Canadian designer specializing in clothing design for electronic garments and other types of functional apparel. In 2011, she launched a line of wearable light, Vega, a series of fashionable illuminated coats and accessories for cycling.

Mackey has worked internationally in the area of functional clothes and wearable technology, ranging from artistic research to commercial design.

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