One of the most unusual rings designed for men

Following the Swiss Army knife idea, hidden inside is an assortment of five different tools. Specially designed for men it features a working bottle opener, two blades (one straight great for cutting packing tape or fishing line, and another one, serrated for tougher things like nylon strapping or those tough plastic sealed packages), a super effective mini saw for cutting plastic and wood, and a tiny comb that does a surprisingly good job on mustache or head!

Crafted from aerospace grade titanium in the finest jewelery tradition

The rings are made to measure and handbuilt. They are crafted from aerospace grade titanium and brass rivets, one at a time, in the finest jewellery tradition. Bruce Boone, the artisan make them in quarter size increments for an exact fit, normally within a thousandth of an inch. The width remains at 9mm. The ring can be engraved for personalization even if the internal construction lines will affect the letters a bit.  

You can buy it here for $385.00 USD




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