These eco-friendly machine washable sneakers are made from pure wool. And this is innovation! This choice seems a bit awkward but this natural fiber allows to control odor, regulate temperature, repel water or moisture, and resist stains and dirt. Best of all, those stylish shoes, designed in New Zealand by product designer Jamie McLellan and made in Portugal, are mainly made from sustainable resources!

wool runners_large

The Wool Runners

Those sneakers are the first running shoes specifically designed to be wear without socks. Wool fibers have a high concentration of fatty acids, which have anti-bacterial properties. Unlike other natural or synthetic fabrics, wool does not retain odors and will freshen up just from being aired. The team behind the brand “Three Over Seven has worked for two years with textile institute AgResearch to engineer their own custom designed fabric, both comfortable, soft and strong enough to construct the entire shoe upper.


The shoes are basically available in four colors: black, natural, blue, or red and two other colors, a bright yellow and a grass green are pending. All of these colors are available on a custom designed TPS white or black rubber minimalist running sole for about $100 US.



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