TshirtOS: 100% cotton plateform for digital creativity

The idea is simple. TshirtOS is essentially a wearable platform with a flexible LED display that connects to your smartphone, opening up a brand new way to communicate. The TshirtOS can display whatever you want from your tweets or facebook status. It can play music, display artwork or youtube videos, and even take and display photos. And yes, it indeed (and surprisingly) is washable…

The T’s also features an accelerometer, speakers, a microphone, and a built-in micro-camera to take and display pictures or videos on the go.

Introduced by its developpersers as the “world’s most advanced piece of digital clothing”, tshirtOS looks like a simple grey t-shirt. Although easy to use, the TshirtOS technology is impressive. It consists of 1,024 LEDs arranged in a 32 by 32 grid, 32 microprocessors, and a Bluetooth connection. You will control your T using an App in your mobile phone that will allow you to broadcast nearly anything. But the LED panel isn’t all the garment does. The tee’s also features an accelerometer, speakers, a microphone, and a built-in micro-camerato take and display pictures or videos on the go.

Still a prototype, creators register interest from potential buyers

This project was developed by CuteCircuit in collaboration with Ballantine’s and is still in the ‘very expensive’ prototype stage. However, CuteCircuit and Ballantine’s are listing interest from potential buyers. They aim to get the price point down to one that real people may be able to afford it. Really? Go and register… I badly want one!

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