Clothes that doubles as carry-on luggage

Here is the solution for traveler who doesn’t want to deal with luggages. I mean, no bags at all! Introducing the Carry-on Coat! Made by Scottevest, this trench-style SeV Carry-on Coat ($225) features 33 pockets that are large and varied enough to hold everything you need for a 10 days travel… YES you read well. 10 DAYS!  From a water bottle, kindle and iPad to shirts, t-shirts pants and a pair of shoes. Scottevest also makes other great travel & clothing products. From the best seller 22-pocket all-you-can-haul vest ($125) to multi pokets  underware (no kidding) you will also found on their online shop a bunch of accessories, dresses, shirts, hoodies, pullovers, convertible pants, cargo shorts and much more, all offering secret pouches and are fully washable.

Classic design and innovative construction

The company’s CEO, Scott Jordan, who never hesitates to give all he’s got to promote his brand, is really enthusiastic about his innovative new lines. And actually it seems the whole collection deserves it. Even with all the pockets loaded, the clothes are built to remain comfortable. The very good reviews about the clothes report the perfect way in which the pockets are laid out. All of this ensures a great and even weight distribution.  Well… fully loaded, you may resemble to inspector gadget but whatever: it will be nice to avoid paying extra 25 dollars to check a bag when boarding a plane. 

Still, I still have a question. At airport security do you have to take everything out or leave it in the coat?





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