The 3rd book in the series of cult Japanese pattern making books now in English

Published on March 2012, Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics is the third book in the series of cult Japanese pattern making books “Pattern Magic” wrote by Tomoko Nakamichi. The new volume, recently translated in English, focuses at working with stretch and jersey fabric. As you know, material that stretches lengthways or sideways can be tricky but also magical in itself. This book takes the special qualities of jersey and stretch fabrics and uses them to create stunning, sculptural designs.

Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics is NOT a book to make standard clothes

Some garments in this book can be done for wear (see a blouse or a pair of draped pants) and some could be done with minor adjustments. We also have seen some of the book styles being used in actual collections (like Sara Philips or Gail Sorronda). However this book is not a book to make standard clothes. If you just want to make standard dress for a party, you might buy another book! “Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics” will help you to explore pattern making beyond traditional limits. Like the other series’ opuses, this book is perfect if you want to explore your creativity, go far beyond your imagination and learn some new forms to approach pattern making… in few words, Nakamichi’s book is ideal for fashion design students, fashion professionals, costume designers or anyone with a strong interest in patterns and fabrics manipulation.

Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics is a fantastic reference book

In two parts, the book shows how to use the properties of stretch fabrics through drape and manipulation and how to cut patterns that exploit their properties with truly original results. The book is accompanied by a basic paper pattern block. The instructions, line drawings and pictures go into great detail. Having some patterns in the book is also a really great bonus which gets you excited about trying some of the ideas displayed throughout the pages.

After serving many years as a professor at Bunka Fashion College, Tomoko Nakamichi currently delivers lectures and holds courses on pattern making, both in her native Japan and internationally. This book brings together the results of the research on garment patterns she has carried out to help instruct her students.
  • Paperback: 104 pages
  • Publisher: Laurence King Publishers; Reprint edition (March 21, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1856698270
  • ISBN-13: 978-1856698276


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