A Dress Shirt Made From NASA Spacesuit Materials

The Boston-based company Ministry of Supply launched the “next generation dress shirt”: a premium shirt build with Apollo fabric blend; a knit synthetic fabric made with NASA-heat-regulation technology, anti-microbial functionality, wrinkle-free materials, and a unique moisture wicking construction. 

The MOS Co-Founders, Kit, Gihan, Kevin, and Aman

The Ministry Of Supply Co-Founders

“Phase Change Materials are often used in science and engineering to keep things at a more constant temperature,” said Kevin Rustagi, one of Ministry Of Supply’s four founders. “We got the inspiration to use them from a founding team member who worked in an MIT lab working on spacesuits for manned spaceflight.”

This october and for $105, you will be able to own a bit of your childhood dream, the one where you were an astronaut…  


The Future of Dress Shirts: Ministry of Supply on Kickstarter from Ministry of Supply on Vimeo.

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