Biomimicry Series 

Recently graduated with a master of fashion and design, Stefanie Nieuwenhuys has taken the concept of biomimicry into her work. Inspired by the scales of snakes, Nieuwenhuyse reused scrap plywood to reproduce the texture of the reptiles’ skin.


Overlayed wood chips that look like scales

After spotting diamond cut wood chips on the floor of a workshop at the Kingston University in London, Stefanie Nieuwenhuys remembered of a snakeskin bag she bought used. The design and fashion student collected the discarded leftovers and started to work, layering the pieces of wood on fabric like reptilian scales.


To avoid waste, Stefanie Nieuwenhuys recycled scrap wood to create a clothes collection

S.Nieuwenhuys Eco-Responsible idea served for her final Master project. The final result is a collection of corsets, long evening dresses, pants, scarves that combine modern techniques like laser cuts and the delicate tradition of dress makers. The beautifully breathtaking pieces reflect the performance of her work and requirement in perfect finishes.


Emphasis on recycled materials, Nieuwenhuys worked with the company biowaste InCrops Enterprise Hub in Norwich to obtain discarded pieces of plywood. She perfected and optimized the cut shapesto generate as little waste as possible. Inlaid on unbleached organic cotton, the collection “scales” becomes, as its creator says, almost a replica of nature.






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