Glasses frames are 3D printed with nylon powder using selective laser sintering

London designer Ron Arad has designed a coloured collection of 3D-printed glasses for eyewear brand pq. All frames, named after a station on the London Underground’s Northern line, are available in a selection of colours.

Angel style from the Springs collection

One monolithic piece of material

The glasses frames, hinges included, are printed with nylon powder and using selective laser sintering (SLS) technology. “It has a stem that’s flexible one way and stops the other,” said Arad. He added: “The brand wanted to advertise the fact that it’s printed but I said let’s not go on about it. But it’s printed. It’s the first pair of glasses that I know about that is one piece of material; it’s monolithic. It’s polyamide.”

Balham style from the Springs collection


Archway style from the Springs collection

Yellow style: Highgate style from the Springs collection

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  1. Surface finish looks really good for a 3D printed product.
    Or maybe the pics were photoshopped? 😉


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