Samsung introduces its new smart window at the last Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Samsung spokeperson says “this conceptual smart window display could become an honest-to-goodness retail product in about two years”. The smart window display has daytime and nighttime modes and its brightness is adjustable. If ambient light is not available, the night-time mode switches on a hidden BLU. When the BLU is off, the prototype then uses one tenth the power of a normal LCD screen.

46-inch, transparent, touchscreen LCD

The smart window display has a 1366×768 resolution, and when images and videos appear on screen, transparency is reduced to 5.8 percent. The entire display is 9 mm thick, weighs less than 10 pounds, uses HDMI and USB to interface with a computer.

The window can even turn into virtual blinds

Basically, the device is a “one-way window” as people on the other side can’t see in with a full-pane electronic touchscreen display where info, roam the internet, movies can be displayed


Picture and Video copyright : MobileNations

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