Where Fashion Meets Cutting-Edge Technology!

The 8th annual Smart Fabrics 2012 conference takes place April 17-19 in Miami, Florida.   

This event unites the major players from fashion, technology, electronics, research, academia, textile and diverse applications communities.

Adidas, M.I.T. and Nike Headline Smart Fabrics 2012 Conference

“The program for Smart Fabrics 2012 will cover new and emerging wearable technologies, as well as best practices for integrating them into textiles” Barbara Rojas, Conference Director, says, “Our expert panel of speakers will also examine market trends, recent developments in applications, and ways to more effectively move smart fabric technology into the mainstream.”

Two-day conference, 21 speakers from all over the world

The final 21 speakers listing include Stacey Burr, VP Wearable Sports Electronics, adidas; Dr. Vicki A. Barbur, VP Research and Development, M-Segment, Cardinal Health; Hap Klopp, Chairman, Cocona Fabric; Stian Ueland, PhD Candidate, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Brian Russell, CEO, Zephyr Technology Limited or Patrick Williams, Apparel Innovation, Nike.

In addition to the two-day conference, there will also be two pre-conference workshops held on Tuesday, April 17.

To register click here.

To see the full conference agenda click here.

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