A project that explores and questions our attitudes to hyper consumerism robotics and bio-technology

Studio XO is a fashion and technology company that creates and engineers interactive wearable experiences. They are well known for their very provocative work for clients including Philips Lighting, Philips Design, Universal Music, ITV, EMI, Tord Brontje and many others. This project, a 4 minutes film named Skinsucka, is more than a design provocation. It draws attention to “hyper consumerism that blinds us to the exploitative forces that make it possible to produce a garment in Asia, ship it halfway around the world to a high street in Europe, for less than the cost of junk food”. It also explores and questions our attitudes to robotics and bio-technology in a timeframe of 1 to 2 decades from now.

Skinsucka from Studio XO on Vimeo.

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