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When you don’t know how to travel light, expandable luggage is a must. Obviously, the more we have clothes, the harder it is to keep it tight in confined spaces such as hotel rooms. So if expandable luggage is a must… expandable and practical is THE must.


Traveling without the headaches

The ShelfPack suitcase may not be quite big enough to compete with the volume of clothing you could take in an RV, but it can certainly hold the equivalent of a small closet! In addition, with this system, packing almost becomes fun…
This simple and ingenious mechanism will not only facilitate the process of filling of the bag, but once arrived to destination, ShelfPack will change the usual game: no more clothes scattered and wrinkled, but neat and organized piles.


Unzip, lift the shelves, and voilà!

Take piles of clothes from your closet shelves and restack them just as they were on this suitcase’s tower of retractable shelves.


ShelfPack contains 4 built-in shelves and 3 external pockets and compartments attached by telescoping supports, all of which drop into the base of the suitcase when it’s time to go back home. Closed luggage dimensions are 26″ tall (66 cm) (28″ (71cm) including wheels) x 18″(46cm) wide x 14″ (35.5cm) deep. Expanded into the portable closet position, the ShelfPack suitcase stands 42″ (107cm) tall (case lies on its backside). Weight is 17 pounds (7.7kg). Price: $350

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