I don’t know if it’s the same for you but every single time I go to the beach, a part of the beach follows me at home… Yes, I’m talking about those annoying zillion tiny grains of sand that slip in your bag and each item in it. So here is the good news: CharlieandSpike just invented an innovative line of beach bags and accessories named SHAKE (for women, men and kids) to solve this summery problem.


The bags look like any other beach bags but when you remove a velcro flap on the bag’s side, you can simply shake the sand grains out.


How it works?

When the flap is snapped on one side, the mesh bottom is open to allow any grains of sand that got stuck to your belongings to fall through. Then when snapped on the other side, to cover the mesh and allow you to put the bag down on the sand without picking up more sand. You can also watch the video for more details…


– Mesh bottom keeps your beach swag in, and sand out
– Roomy interiors, with inner and outer pockets for odds and ends
– Reversible flaps can be worn on either side, concealing or revealing netting
– Coated canvas repels water





You’ll find the “shake” ligne from $29.99 on Quirky


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