Ross Lovegrove Product,  Designer – Ilabo

On the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, United Nude and 3D Systems Corporation have teamed up (again!) to propose to 5 architects and designers to create pairs of fully 3D printed shoes. The name of this project? Reinventing Shoes…

Zaha Hadid, Architect – Flames

Fashion, design innovation and technology merge into 5 of the most fascinating 3D printed fully functioning shoes ever seen.

A selected group of the worlds leading architects and designers explored and challenged the latest and highest quality 3D printing technology (Selective Laser Sintering) by designing exclusive 3D printed high heels style. According to the creators involved in this project, the opportunity to create shoes with a 3D printer offers completely new possibilities for creation since the 3D printing technology allows a huge amount of sculptural freedom. The result, is fully functioning shoes which could be delightful for Lady Gaga (honestly nothing is really wearable in a regular way!), but is fascinating and defy the laws of gravity.

Fernando Romero, Architect – Ammonite

United Nude has figured out a way to combine harder and softer 3D printed parts

Each shoe has required 24 hour of printing (48 hours for a pair). Shoes are built with two different materials: extra strong nylon and new soft rubber/polyurethane. This special edition is limited to 50 pairs of each design.

Michael Young, product designer – Young Shoe

Ben van Berkel (UNStudio), Architect – UNX2

3DSystem 3DSystem2

To know more about this project click here and use #reinventingshoes on twitter





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