Ralph Lauren revisits one of its iconic it-bag and surfs the trend of wearable tech with the Ricky Bag featuring four discrete LED lights (which are activated automatically when the bag is opened) and a built-in Micro USB port to charge a mobile phone, a tablet or camera on the go.


This bag is the quintessence of modern luxury

The purse’s interior is lined with Purple calfskin and features a snapped pocket at the back wall. The long lasting internal battery is placed at the front wall and can be cherged with an included cord. Interior leather-covered button displays the internal battery-power reserve when pressed.  The four LED lights are embedded in an interior leather flap. the lights are automatically activated when this flap is lifted. The USB port (compatible with all mobile devices) is placed at the front wall and easily accessible.


Ralph Lauren affirm its position regarding luxury market and new technologies

This light-up bag, entirely handmade in Italy, is available for sale in black only for $5000 USD on the brand website. It hits the market shortly after Ralph Lauren launched its Tech Polo Shirt, an athletic shirt that tracks activity, stress, physical and physiological condition, and has presented a 4D Holographic fashion show last September in Central Park during the fashion week in New York. “Lots of people just see us as timeless and classic,” said David Lauren, executive vice president for advertising, marketing and corporate communications, “but we need to define modernity, too, and there’s nothing like technology to make that statement… this bag is a game changer for us in luxury.”

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