Last week, in the heart of Central Park, Ralph Lauren offered a spectacular 4D holographic projection as a fashion Show for the new women Polo Ralph Lauren line. Something never seen at the Fashion Week in New York.

Ralph Lauren took the New York Fashion Week in the 4th dimension.


After sunset, hundreds of handpicked guests, and many celebrities like singer Ciara, actor Ben Stiller, models Lily Aldridge, Hilary Rhoda and Karolina Kurkova or stylist Rachel Zoe, were sent by golf carts to Cherry Hill, near the lake in Central Park to attend the show. The party was to be promising but none of the guests expected to see such an amazing show with incredibly innovative holographic 4D effects and projections of the size of a six-story building!


The catwalk consisted on a giant water screen

On the occasion of Fashion Week New York, Ralph Lauren reaffirmed his love for lights and new technologies. The catwalk consisted on a giant water screen (18 meters high and 45 meters wide) were hyper-realistic digitized models strolled in front of  New York iconic monuments.


A truly innovative fashion show combining fashion and technology

“I really wanted to do something great for the brand new Polo women, something that would take place in the city that is resolutely modern,” said the creator Monday night to reporters. “We went back to Central Park, a place I love, and we captured the spirit of Polo with a truly innovative blend combining fashion and technology.”




Pictures and Video: Ralph Lauren

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