Preview – Julien Fournié – Collection Première Nuit
Photos : Marion Leflour
Model : Kha My Van

Julien Fournié’s “Première Nuit” Collection

Julien Fournié’s Première Nuit (first Night) Autumn Winter 2015-2016 Collection will be unveil today, Tuesday July 7th, during the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, France.

JF premiere Nuit_4

Première Nuit

The Fashion Show, featuring the 14th collection of the super talented Couture designer Julien Fournié, will be held at 4pm at L’Oratoire du Louvre,   1145 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris. Spectacular silhouettes will be presented during the catwalk.

JF premiere Nuit_1


The Collection, named “Première Nuit” (First Night) was inspired by the early twentieth century fantasy films, Julien Fournié has reinvented this season the magic of Paris Couture.
Fascinated by the esotericism and the magnetism of Karl Freund’s or Marcel L’Herbier’s movies (respectively “Mad Love” and “Fantastic Night”), the French couturier portrays the female characters who favor mystery to enhance their strong personality.

JF premiere Nuit_3

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JF premiere Nuit_2

Photos de preview – Julien Fournié – Collection Première Nuit

Photos : Marion Leflour
Mannequin : Kha My Van

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