Finally! Designers in the upcoming season will save us from a painful accessories matching process: the “decorations” were everywhere migrated on the dress, becoming an integral part of it. Look out for elegant inlays in Miu Miu, Chanel, Lanvin, Valentino, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, McQueen, and even in the normally restrained Chloé

Long evening leather gloves were a sign of aristocracy at all times and were coupled with impeccable posture and impregnable gaze. 

Nina Ricci  lanvin

Nina Ricci                                  Lanvin

Blue-blooded fashionable women are suggested to carry them in a men-demoralizing combination with bare shoulders or in a “hunter” version trimmed with fur. And not necessary black!

Givenchy  chanel

Givenchy                                  Chanel

In the neck scarves, remaining a timeless fashion accessory, the most important is how they are tied. You can spot a win-win style at Céline (for the modest) and Givenchy (for the temptress). 

Givenchy  Celine

Givenchy                                   Celine

And finally, her majesty the Hat!

The power of which is often underestimated by the modern society. Meanwhile one deft wave of pheasant feathers can turn the head of the most desperate bachelor.


Louis Vuitton                              John Galliano

In bulky ones from Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, pulled down over the forehead, you can hide a dozen rabbits. In Bill Gayten’s collection for John Galliano, in a strict accordance with the spirit of the brand, hats are invited to be worn in combination with a lavaliere bow and… stockings on garters. The key here is to correctly cock your hat. And if the political biases of the founder of this brand may rise doubts, the perfection of his taste – never. 

Tatiana Stolyarova 

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