Banksy is probably the most famous street artist in the world. The younger generation recognizes his talent and works as well as his unique graphic style that have made ​​him extremely famous. His character (Banksy has never revealed his true identity publicly) and works of art / graffiti are now powerful emblems of street-style. The Italian sportswear brand Fila has understood the role and influence of the artist on its main marketing target, and has organized a viral marketing campaign in London, using Bansky street art as support. 

“Occupy Banksy”

Named “Occupy Banksy”, the goal of this major operation was to create buzz and viral presence on social media. In concrete terms, it consisted of equipping the artworks of Banksy ( well identified in London’s streets ) with real cut in length Fila sneakers. These installation art have attracted a lot of attention in the UK capital and worldwide. People took pictures and share them on social networks. The reactions were almost instant… Brilliant or scandalous?

What is your camp?

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