Instead of using synthetic or down insulation to keep you warm, the NuDown jacket simply uses air.

A 100% vegan jacket!

The nice thing about air is that it is light, great at maintaining thermal properties and provides warmth even when you get wet. The jacket allows the wearer to adjust insulation to provide either more warmth or the option to cool down, and it makes temperature adjustment a customized and personal thing.


How it works?

The control system is very simple. A small hand pump, located in one of the jacket pocket, is used to add or release air out of laminated chambers in the core. The number of pumps determines the level of warmth provided. One degree in Fahrenheit per single pump is the rule with 20 being sufficient for those “slightly chilly days” and 30-40 accommodating really cold weather. Argon gas containers (known for its insulating performance) can also be used for temperatures below 20 ° F (-7 ° C).


The Fall 2015 NuDown collection is available for men (in a choice of 7 colors) and women (choice of 9 colors), with jackets and vests ranging in price from $400 to $600.

NuDown Promo Video from BrandLab on Vimeo.

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