Nike unveils its new TurboSpeed innovative collection 

Nike Pro TurboSpeed is, as the name hints at, a track uniform designed to give professional athletes advantages while racing, and as the famous brand claims, the fastest collection of uniforms it has ever built. Through the clever use of aerodynamic techniques more commonly found on golf balls, the company has found a way to reduce milliseconds off a sprinter’s time. 

A technology inspired by golf balls’ dimples 

Following the fluids mecanics studies, the honeycomb texture present on golf ball create a turbulent rather than laminar layer of air molecules, which hold to the surface of the golf ball longer and more efficiently than a smooth ball would do. This principle reduces the wind resistance. Nike suggests the same principles can be applied to the clothing worn by sprinters, and other athletes.

Patterns have been added on areas of the uniform that correspond of parts of the body which create resistance when we run

To help with the aerodynamic resistance, Nike has added particular patterns to areas of the uniform that correspond of parts of the body which create resistance when we run: back, shoulders, arms and calves. The company tested the outfits prototypes for more than 1,000 hours in a special wind tunnel and had insights from some of the fastest athletes in the world. Nike has applied this research to a range of sports, with Track & Field always at its core.


Wearing the Turbospeed uniform could be the difference between finishing on the podium or not. 

The effect of these dimples on the fabric, among other features of the uniform, is to offer the greatest aerodynamic drag reduction and reduce up to 0.023 seconds off the time taken to run 100 meters. If 0.023 seconds doesn’t sound that much, in the athletes’ 100 meters sprint world, it can be the difference between finishing on the podium or not. 

“Reflecting the NIKE commitment to considered design, Nike Pro TurboSpeed merges sustainability and performance. Uniforms in the Nike Pro TurboSpeed collection use an average of 82% recycled polyester fabric and up to an average of 13 recycled plastic bottles. Specific products have been developed for distance, sprint, and field events while strategic color blocking is used to visually capture movement. Specifically for women, NIKE has developed a new approach to modular support, creating specific solutions for the distance, sprint, and field athlete, each offering a different degree of support and adjustability, and integrating Dri-FIT moisture management and premium quality detailing throughout”

Via Nike 


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