Everyone is talking about the Spring-Summer 2012 Paris Couture Fashion Week!
Julien Fournié Fashion Show was held yesterday, January 24th, at the Showcase. The show was fantastic, and we, at FashionLab, had the opportunity to present the first results of our collaboration with Julien Fournié.

Over the past year, we have been working with Julien Fournié to develop 3D solutions, in grade of reproducing fabrics’ reactions in real life with digital tools. Our engineers have designed an experience to develop a virtual piece in 3D, in order to compose a 3D silhouette using sketching techniques based on the designers’ drawing know how.

Extase 3 robes  00      Extase 3 robes  07

With this new tool, a fashion designer can explore lines which he usually sketches in two dimensions only with a full volume rendering. The designer can work and visualize from every possible angle he chooses in the digital world. With their tool, designers can also build draping, add embroideries or rhinestones, calculate precisely their projected use of materials. Thanks to an original online digital library, the fashion designer and its studio can also investigate materials to visualize, study, improve a virtual prototype before they make the real-life dummy and piece, accelerating and enhancing thus their creative process before they get to work on the real-life mannequin.

Extase 3 robes  06      Extase 3 robes 11

And what about yourself, do you think that 3D will help you go beyond the limits of your creativity?

Copyright picture: Gilles-Marie Zimmerman

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