Fluidity, flexibility and mobility

Nama Instrument is a textile interface and an “open hardware” with open purpose and usage. This completely flexible interface is made of fabric, single Lilypad Arduino, five Lilypad Accelerometers, one Xbee Module, and a LiPo battery all sewed together manually with conductive thread. The fabric gives its physical particularities such as: fluidity, and mobility to the interface that can be freely folded, twisted, tightened and manipulated ad libitumto generate real time digital data of its movements. Data is gathered by the accelerometers and wirelessly transmitted to a computer through Arduino and Xbee. The project also includes a customizable software specially designed to receive the data from the interface.

Nama Instrument development - Photo by Vinícius Sinzato

Nama Instrument Construction- Photo by Vinicius Sinzato

A completely open sourced project

Originally designed for a Nama interactive installation, the features of the Nama Instrument can be easily adapted to new uses like clothing, wearable interfaces, or new kinds of interactive media. According to the wishes of its creators, Luiz Gustavo and Ferreira Zanotello, the entire project is open sourced. That’s to encourage and allow imaginative people to think and create new textile interface adaptation.  A document from Zanotello’s  to make the textile interface along with its open source software with technical instructions and a step-by-step tutorial (DIY) is provided on the project website in the Open Source section.

Nama Instrument construction (Lilypad Arduino and controllers) - Photo by Luiz Zanotello

Nama Instrument Construction (lilypad Arduino and controllers) – Photo by Luiz Zanotello 

Nama Instrument - Photo by Luiz Zanotello

 Nama Instrument – Photo by Luiz Zanotello 


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  1. This idea is beautiful, poetic and technological. I would like to know if some designers already took advantage of this technology for their creations; especially in the furniture/clothes fields.


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