By Philippe COURT

Myno&Cie, a French manufacturer, is using 3D rendering pictures to launch MynoTime, a French Watch using a Suisse mechanism.

Myno&Cie, a French startup company, has used CATIA the famous 3D software created by Dassault Systèmes, for delivering high resolution pictures of its new customized watches. CATIA LIVE RENDERING was used to produce hyper-realistic 3D rendering pictures in order to offer a more precise idea of the watches ‘different colors than the real product pictures. But the innovation doesn’t stop here. The watches originality come from its unique design.

Illustration : Bracelets montres monochromes en couleursIllustration : Watches

An entirely customized watch perfect if you need inspiration for an original father’s day gift!

All the pieces are interchangeable; the watch can be built and re-built in a trice without any tool. The basic kit including 3 separable wrist bands one face allowed up to 80 different combinations. More than 40 000 combinations are possible with the wide range of options offered on the brand webstore.

La nouvelle montre en kit 100% modulable et sans outil

A playful design for a serious mechanism

If the design is fun, MYNO TIME watches are serious stuffs. Made in France, the numbered watches are designed with an ultralight watertight Swiss clockwork mechanism.

Basic kit including 3 separable wrist bands one face: 179 €. Complete watch sold per unit 149 € additional wrist bands 29 €.

Philippe COURT

Picture Credit: MynoTime

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